Client Reviews

We love hearing from our clients!  Here are some recent reviews and testimonials.

- Mrs. Harry Garber

I had Splash Painting and Dry Wall to paint my house which included ; dinning room, large den, kitchen, bathroom, entrance, stairs, hall way and ceiling for all. They arrived at the appointed time with their crew organized and ready to start. The first of the crew took pictures of the walls so they would know where each picture, etc, was to be replaced. The group started covering wall, furniture in preparation to painting the ceiling. Next one painter painted the edges and around the light fixture and this was preceded by the painters rolling the ceiling. After the ceiling was completed, The group cut edges and rolled the walls. The completion of this project, was done that day. The group cleaned-up and returned all wall hangings back to their original location. Furniture was replaced. The owner, Mr. Jowiel Feria, and his daughter was there to oversee the work, and fill in any needs. I would highly recommend this company and will call on them again.


- Allan D.

The service preformed was to prime and paint exterior cedar porch railings. Overall experience was very positive and a good crew. The price, quality, responsiveness, punctuality, and professionalism was excellent." Yes, I would use Splash Painting Inc. in the future.


- Jason F.

Interior Painting of walls and base were completed. Splash Painting provided excellence service and were extremely detailed in providing the customer the best experience and service. I was very pleased with the overall experience, quality, and punctuality. I would recommend to use Splash Painting Inc. for future jobs.


- Holly Canup

Painted inside and outside my mom's whole house. There was an issue but the job was taken care of quickly and professionally. She was very pleased with the overall experience, quality, and professionalism. I would recommend to use Splash Painting for future jobs.


- Bill E.

The services preformed were: interior painting, mold/mildew removal, and sheetrock replaced. Overall experience was excellent and I would use Splash Painting again in the future.


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